19.39SP Competition Lace Up Trapeze Hook

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More classes are introducing rules that allow sailors to pump in certain or all conditions which put much higher loadings through the boat and its equipment. Classes such as the 470 have been doing this for some time but it was only a couple of years ago that boats such as the 29er have been allowed to physically pump in certain wind conditions to propel the boat through the water. The crew is typically the one that pumps the most as they are generally larger and able to use their full body weight and movement. The extra loading of a crew bouncing on the trapeze can double the load through the harness hook. This can lead to the hook bending upwards or the stainless-steel plate failing.

What are the key differences in the new 19.39Competition?

The 19.39 Competition is made from 2mm stainless plate which is 25% thicker than our standard 19.39, and 50% thicker than some hooks that are on the market. The increase in material thickness has resulted in a 237% increase in stiffness and significantly reduces the chances of failure.

On the rear of the harness hook we have added a 2mm stainless steel washer that the harness hook passes through and then welded. This increases the material thickness to 4mm in the highest loaded area directly beneath the hook.

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