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PAD-I has been designed to allow you to fix low loading parts to your boat/deck without having to drill attachment holes. PAD-I has been manufactured using carbon filled nylon so it is extremely strong. It comes complete with a length of 1.5mm SK99 Dyneema which means that the whole unit only weight 5.5 Grams.

The PAD-I can be stuck to the hull/deck using Sikaflex, epoxy, plexus  etc (not included). PAD-I is able to withstand 80kg’s of force before lifting from the deck when stuck with Sikaflex, and up to 250kg when stuck with epoxy/plexus. This makes putting simple take up systems into the boat extremely easy, without the hassle of drilling holes.


Diameter 32mm

Height 8mm

Weight 5.5grams


Sea Sure
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25.20 Stick on PAD I 4 Pack

Product Code 25.2

No need to drill holes!