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Shock mitigation systems have become increasingly evident in commercial boating due to the risk of injury in the work place. Sea Sure. There are 2 ways in which Sea Sure can mitigate shock and vibration. The first is via our Shock mitigation seating. We have designed, tested and manufactured a retro fit shock unit that can be easily installed on a standard boat. Manufactured using aircraft grade CNC’d Aluminium, we have models to retro fit between a standard pedestal mount and seat, as well as a RIB seat and base. Our unit significantly decreases the amount of whole body vibration (WBV) at a fraction of the price of the military level products.

As well as being able to reduce WBV while sitting, we are also able to offer SKYDEX QUICK-FIT Decking. A lot of water users prefer to stand whilst being on a boat than sitting. SKYDEX Technologies, Inc. are global leaders in advanced impact mitigation and cushioning solutions. Their QUICK-FIT decking significantly reduces the bodies exposure to wave impacts and helps to protect all passengers on board. The decking comes in 1.5m x 620mm x 18mm sheets than can be easily cut with a Stanley knife to fit into the floor of any boat

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