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Oval Fairlead


Fastleads can be used for a variety of rope lead applications on both racing and cruising yachts.
With the increasing use of advanced aramid ropes, fastleads have been developed with smooth surfaces to offer a high strength 'all direction' lead.
Developed initially for high performance racing yachts, and proven in action on board TP52 yachts, fastleads can be used as high load rope tidies around the deck. With large eyes, they are ideal for securing a floating block when required.
With smooth surfaces in all directions, fastleads will not chafe control lines or halyards.
Produced from precision CNC machined aircraft grade aluminium and with a highly polished PTFE impregnated finish, there are no drill holes on the outer surface.
Fastleads are secured through the base with stainless machine screws for ultimate strength.

Available in the following sizes:
Size : Length : Height : Width : Hole distances : Hole diameter : Max. rope diameter
M4 : 34.4mm : 20.8mm : 15mm : 25.6mm : 12mm : 10mm
M6 : 51.6mm : 31.2mm : 20mm : 38.4mm : 18mm : 16mm
M8 : 68.8mm : 41.6mm : 30mm : 51.2mm : 24mm : 20mm
M10 : 86mm : 52mm : 35mm : 64mm : 30mm : 26mm
M12 : 103.2mm : 62.4mm : 40mm : 76.8mm : 36mm : 32mm

Fast leads
Variation Details: 
Size: M4 Length: 34.4mm Height: 20.8mm Width: 15mm Hole distances: 25.6mm Hole diameter: 12mm Max. rope diameter: 10mm

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