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Red Performance Rudder/Stock Fittings

High Performance Hardware designed and manufactured for competition.

The worlds best dinghy transom fittings just got even better. The Red range allows serious campaigners to change the transom pintle pin quickly and easily to check for damage or wear so that you can eliminate failures that could stop you winning races.

Our design team is built up from solid work technicians and current Olympic coaches to create components that are light weight, reliable, and help you maximise performance. At the top level, every detail counts and that's why we have the competition range.

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18.14PP Spare Pintle Pin

Complete with 2 spare grub screws

£10.11 (ex. VAT)
Red Performance Rudder Pintles
From: £24.86
£20.72 (ex. VAT)
Red Performance Rudder/Stock Gudgeons

Bushed & Unbushed Options

From: £24.86
£20.72 (ex. VAT)