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Ripstop Tape - Spinnaker Repair Tape 

This spinnaker and sail repair tape is a self-adhesive nylon tape and is ideal for reinforcing batten pockets and to carryout
temporary repairs to torn sails. Can also be used to prevent chaffing.
• Other usage includes: Tear on clothing, tent, blind, umbrella
• Stick on PVC, Flexiglass or glass

51.07   Ripstop 4.5m x 50mm white
51.08   Ripstop 4.5m x 50mm red
51.09   Ripstop 4.5m x 50mm royal blue
51.10   Ripstop 4.5m x 50mm light blue
51.11   Ripstop 4.5m x 50mm green
51.12   Ripstop 4.5m x 50mm black
51.13   Ripstop 4.5m x 50mm yellow
51.14   Ripstop 4.5m x 50mm orange
51.15   Ripstop 4.5m x 50mm purple
51.16   Ripstop 4.5m x 50mm pink
51.17   Ripstop 4.5m x 50mm lime yellow


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Ripstop Tape

Product Code 51.07