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A truly robust range of end fittings. Fabricated from 316 stainless steel they are very durable and capable of survival even in the toughest conditions.Our Spinnaker pole trip grips are available in 2 sizes to suit 25 & 32mm diameter spinnaker poles.

Spinnaker Pole Fittings Description: 

16-07    Spinnaker pole end to fit 25mm o/d tube 96g
16-09    Spinnaker pole end to fit 32mm o/d tube 105g
16-11    Tapered spinnaker pole end to fit wooden pole (32mm at large end) 94g
16-21    Centre cleat 6g
16-29    Keyhole ring for up-haul / down-haul on 25 or 32mm dia. poles 14g
16-31    Keyhole ring for up-haul / down-haul fitting for 38mm dia. poles 14g
16-23    Trip Grip for 25mm dia. poles 24g
16-25    Trip Grip for 32mm dia. poles 18g
16-33    Trigger Grip for tapered or parallel wooden or aluminium poles up to 38mm o/d 11g


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Spinnaker Pole Trip Grips

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